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Hello! I am Maja With a J – Welcome to My Vegan Website!


A few years back, I started making the switch to a plant-based diet. In the beginning, it was mostly for health reasons, as I had read numerous articles and watched several documentaries on how a plant-based lifestyle can improve your health. I was a bit overweight, tired, simply not feeling my best. Over time, I also realized that animal welfare and environmental concerns were also a huge part of it for me. For a few years, I only “dabbled” in veganism – I was the only one in my family interested in this lifestyle and it made making the switch more complicated. Over time, I became vegetarian, and then, finally, decided to go “all out” and go vegan. Best decision ever! 


As I go along, my health is improving, I am losing weight and feeling much better, I definitely think my choice was worth it, but I find that it is still hard to find support, as veganism is still somewhat looked upon as “extreme” or “drastic”. I created My Vegan Website to be a support system for anyone who is interested in going vegan, but doesn’t really know where to start. 


My Vegan Website is a resource for recipes, books, clothing, community and lifestyle for anyone who already is vegan, is trying to go vegan, or is simply “vegan-curious”. 

Come back soon!

– Maja With a J

Author: Maja

Hello, I am Maja (With a J). I am a blogger, dog mother, a cappella singer, chorus director, lover of music and animals, and all around delightful person.

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