While we’re on the subject…a Vegan Restaurant Finder App!

In my most recent blog entry, I told you about accidentally eating some cheese when I went to dinner at a regular restaurant with omnivore friends. In this day and age, with all the world’s information literally at our fingertips, that really never has to happen. There’s an app for that! The Happy Cow is a vegan restaurant finder app (and website), that shows you the nearest vegan options to you based on your location. It is free, and super easy to use!vegan restaurant app

It’s available in Google Play as well as the Apple App Store!

vegan restaurant finder app

When you first open the app, you have a few different choices as to what to search for. You can look for exclusively vegan restaurants in your area, or places that offer vegan and vegetarian options. There is also a “veg-options” button, which is perfect for those times when you are going for a meal with people who are not vegan, and need a varied menu so you all have choices.

This app is absolutely fantastic for when you are travelling, but I have found it very useful in my own city as well.

vegan restaurant app

In this case, I chose to look for vegan only places in my area.

The app lists the name of vegan restaurants nearby, and each listing includes location info, pricing, reviews, directions and hours of operation. It’s morning here when I write this, so as you can see, some restaurants are currently closed. If I click on any of them, it will bring up a page that tells me when they open, as well as more detailed information about the menu and other useful tidbits about the restaurant.

On a side note, I am dying to try Tamarind – I have heard so many good things!

vegan stores appI am pretty familiar with my own neighbourhood, and when it’s time for me to go to my grocery shopping for the week, I know exactly where I need to go for a variety of items.

However, say I am visiting a friend in another part of town, and realise that I should stop and get something on my way and I am not familiar with her neighbourhood?

This is where the “stores + more” option comes in handy. Clicking on it will give me a list of nearby grocery stores that carry vegan and health food options, as well as places that just fall under “other”, such as juice bars, bakeries, and in this case, a delivery service.

I’m telling you, when you are new to a city and trying to familiarize yourself, this app is invaluable! I used it when I went to Las Vegas last month, and found a couple of vegan restaurants that I probably would never have gotten to try otherwise. The website is just as good, and also gives you the option of typing in a city name so you can search even if you are not currently there. Great for planning a trip in advance!

What other methods do you use to search for specialty foods? Leave a comment below with your own tips and tricks!


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